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Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing And Maintance

Q: Do I need to service my Filters and Equipment?

This is a very common question, If you do not service and maintain your car or boiler at home it will break down quicker then someone who has had them serviced correctly.

Having a well serviced and maintained system will allow for uneccesary break downs of the system caused by blocked filters or a small leak/drip which could have been spotted and quickly fixed during a service.

Prevention is always better then cure.

Q: What needs changing and how often?

It will all depend on what filtration you have installed but some of the basics are sediment filters need to be changed every 3-6 months, UV bulbs every 6-12 months and the media inside any iron filters will need changing every 2-5 years.

Q: What else is done during a service?

The pump is tested to ensure it is pulling the correct current. All electrics are checked for safety.

All o-rings and washers are checked for fatigue. These are criticle to ensure everything is water tight.

UV glass tubes and sediment filter housings are removed and cleaned. It might be good to change the bulb but if the glass the light emits through is covered the UV will still not work.

The settings on iron or similar filters are checked and adjusted if you wish for a different backwash time.

Many other things are checked but they will all depend on your specific system.

We maintain many systems and have been able to ensure they are running 24/7 preventing any major problems before they happen. Running out of water or a pump breaking down is not the ideal situation.

A pump pumping against a blockage as apposed to a clean filter will cause the pump to have to work harder then usual so you will find the pump break down much sooner then expected.