Private Water Supply Maintenance and servicing

Private Water Supply Maintenance

If you have a borehole and well or any other private water supply system then it will need to be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure the system is working perfectly. This is to prevent major break downs and if a problem is likely to occur it can be rectified before you are left with no water at all.

If you use that water for all your water needs the you will more then likely have filters or some sort of filtration which must be changed and serviced regularly to ensure it is still working effectively.

Drinking Water Standards Regulations

If you do not have filtration and you are drinking the water then you must by UK laws install or have installed specific filtration to bring the water up to drinking water standards. These laws came effective in 2000 and were revamped in 2007 to include much more including private water supplies.

The drinking water standards regulations were put in place to ensure all persons drinking water from a private water supply was drinking clean and safe water. There is hundreds of different bacterias in any water supply but there must be steps in places to ensure the deadly bacterias are killed and disposed of safely. Metals are also dangerous and must be disposed.

South Coast Water have been bringing private water supplies up to drinking water standards since 2007 and will find the quickest, simplest and cheapest options available. We will not put chemicals such as chlorine or floride in the water like all mains water suppliers because we feel the water should be pure and natural. Mains water suppliers use chemicals to treat the water because it is the cheapest solution to a mass water supply.

A simple water test can tell us everything we need to know to see what filtration is required on your system. Even if the water is pure and free from harmful bacteria there must be by law an ultra violet filter and sediment filter. Why? you may ask, the water quality will not stay the same all the time. In a bad rainy season the floods or high water levels can wash contaminants below the ground and in the surrounding geology into the water supply contaminating it. You may not know it but if a friend drinks the water and is not used to the bacteria they could become very ill and this is another reason the drinking water standards regulations came into force.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like any advice regarding drinking water standards.

Maintenance Timings

Average maintenance timings for different filters are illustrated below

(Each setup and manufacturer is different so please contact us for specific timings to your equipment the below is only for example)

Sediment (string particle) Filter = Between 3-6 months

Ultra Violet Light Filter = Between 6-12 months

Iron And Mangenese Filters = Between 2-5 years

Reverse Osmosis Filters = Cartridges vary but between 3-12 months

There is many other filters and the timing will depend on your water quality. You should expect to pay around £100 per year for maintenance supplies depending on how bad your water quality is.

For all replacement filters please contact us or visit our online shop.

If you would prefer to have your system professionally maintened and serviced then please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.