Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems

We can supply, install, maintain and repair any irrigation system which you may have.

If you have a small domestic garden but like to grow flowers, vegetables or love a perfect lawn then we can install a small irrigation system which is completely automatic and will save you many hours of watering and feeding.

If you have a large domestic property which a fair plot of land and not enough hours in the day to run around watering the lawn or flower beds then we can install a complete automatic system which will run on a timer and can have many different zones to allow you to have the lawn watered for a specific duration at specific times of the day. We are able to install pop up irrigation heads which allow for the perfect spray or sprinkler and this will also allow you to have a completely hidden irrigation system.

For all commercial systems for example a golf course we can install a large trolley irrigation system or pop up sprinkler systems which will allow for an automated irrigation system.


Over time irrigation systems can suffer damage, it could be a damaged pop up head or damage to wiring for the solinoid valves, we have successfully found and repaired many problems which can occur within an irrigation system including those faults with irrigation controllers.

Maintenance and servicing is an absolute must with any irrigation system. Although we would like to say that an irrigation system is an install and forget system it does still require check ups every so often to ensure everything is working perfectly. The last thing you want is to come back and find dying vegetables, dead flowers or even brown grass when you have a great irrigation system but a small leak, damaged pop up head or faulty solinoid valve has caused soo much havok. Checking the system thouroughly once per year as a minimum is highly recommended, We would usually recommend a check up is done on an irrigation system just after the winter and when you are looking to start using the system again fully.

If you are using a lot of water for your irrigation system then we would recommend you have a borehole drilled or let us see if you have an existing well on your property which could be used to ease your water bill.

Zones And Sections

If your looking for a complete automatic system then the best way is to split your garden or property into sections known as zones. These zones can have one or upto somewhere near 20 heads and sprinklers to ensure an even and complete watering of that section/zone. The avarage controller allows you to have 8 zones which if and when required you can add add-in cards which allows you to extend upto 24 different zones. If you require more then 24 different zones then we can install 2 controllers and run the second as a dummy unit so all commands come from the 1st controller but you are then able to extend upto 48 zones. Anymore zones then that is the commercial systems which can have somewhere in the region of 100+ zones. We can accomodate any of your requirements so please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your irrigation system or your ideas and plans to have an irrigation system.