F.A.Q Hose Pipe bans


Frequently Asked Questions

Hose Pipe Bans

Q: What is a hose pipe ban?

A hosepipe ban is a ban on using a hose pipe during a certain time. If you buy your water from a supplier and do not have your own private water supply then you must abide by your suppliers strcik rules.

It stops you from using a hosepipe or sprinkler or anything of such which can be seen to waste water.

Q: How can i water my plants or vegetables?

Although there is a hose pipe ban, this does not mean you cannot water your garden. All it means is you cannot use as much water such as using a hose pipe or sprinkler. You can however fill water cans up and water your garden that way.

Q: What happens if i use my hosepipe or sprinkler during a hosepipe ban?

You may ask this and you may even think, well its only for 5 minutes. If you are caught and more and more people are being caught every year then you can face a hefty fine and be prosecuted by your water authority. You need to remember they are a large company with large assets and have plenty of money (that you have given them) to take you to court if you do use your hosepipe or sprinkler.

If you are on a water meter then this is a major giveaway that you have used your hosepipe or used excessive water during a hosepipe ban.

Q: Is there ways around a hosepipe ban?

Yes there is. One is to use a watering can but after a few days you will soon get annoyed with it.

The thing to remember is water prices are not going to do down. Hosepipe bans will become more and more so if you really need to use your hosepipe then you need to get away from your current supplier. This is easier said then done because you cannot just change a supplier so the only other option is to have your very own private water supply.

A private water supply could be from a dug well, spring, stream, river or drilled borehole. They could supply just enough for gardening or could be used for all your water needs and to cut out the need for mains water altogether.

Q: I have a private water supply, Can i still use my hosepipe or sprinkler?

Yes you certainly can.

If you do not have a mains water supplier and have a private water supply from either a dug well, drilled borehole or a few others on your property then you are the supplier of your own water. This means you regulate how much and when you want to use your water and what you do with. If there is a hose pipe ban in your area and you have a private water supply then you can use a hose pipe or sprinkler as much as you like. You could even share it with your neighbours if your nice.

Q: What if my neighbour is using their hosepipe or sprinkler?

The first thing to do is contact your water supplier and report it. The is no reason why you should not be able to use your hosepipe or sprinkler and your neighbour ignore it. They could however have a private water supply from a dug well or borehole. If they do then they can use there hosepipe because they are not controlled by the water supplier in your area. They are their own water supplier.