Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

The most common water harvesting system and if anyone mentions rain water harvesting you pretty much know exactly what they are talking about (minus the specifics and technical parts).

We all have roofs on all our properties whether it be a domestic property or a commercial property and because we live in the UK we have plenty of rain that falls on those roofs, down the guttering and then straight into the drain or soak away. Not one bit of that water is kept or used so the big question is.... why not?

Many may think a rainwater harvesting system is extremely expensive and can only be fitted to new build houses but no that is not the case. A rain water harvesting system can be installed to any property no matter it's age, size or shape.

Things that are needed are:

A Water Storage Tank - These can come in all shapes and sizes to suit, they can be above ground tanks or can be buried under ground. They can be high and wide or shallow and wide and/or any shape you can think of.

A Tank Pump - These come in a few different types but we like to keep the complicated part to us so let us design it or tell us your requirements and we will let know what pump would best suit you. They can be run as an off a switch system or an automated system so all you do if connect your hose to the tap and open the tap as you normally would. The pump automatically turns itself on and off. That is our most common system.

Water Filtration - Filtration is not usually required but we do sometimes install a sediment filter if you would prefer to remove any silt which may enter the system.

Gutter Connection - Once everything is setup it is time to divert your guttering down pipes into the tank, This is usually done under the ground so everything is hidden and looks how it always did before hand.

No Hose Pipe Bans - Once it starts raining you will instantly start to store the rainwater which will be ready for when you want to water your garden and especially in a hose pipe ban you will still be able to water your garden or wash your car using your stored rain water.

rainwater harvesting system

Grey Water Harvesting

This system is very much the same as a rain water harvesting system but instead of just using the water for the garden it is piped to your toilets for use in flushing them. This is particularly useful if you have had a recent water meter fitted because 30% of all our water usage goes on flushing toilets so you can imagine the savings you could be getting.

Well Water Harvesting

If you have an old well or think you might have one we can help locate it on your property. The water within your well could be perfectly safe for drinking if put through the correct filters. If you do not wish to drink the water then it can be used the same way as grey water and rain water harvesting systems however you will have water in storage all year round and not just when it rains.

Peace Of Mind

South Coast Water is proud to offer its customers complete peace of mind when they choose a project through us. All our engineers are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of water especially harvesting systems. With BPEC and level 3 QCF Nationally Accredited awards in rain water harvesting, water fittings, bye-laws within the UK, confined spaces and much more. You will not find a more experienced and qualified company that can offer a service better and cheaper then anyone else out there.