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Frequently Asked Questions

Grey Water Systems

Q: What is a grey water supply system?

Nearly 30% of water usage is just for flushing toilets. That is a massive amount concidering we do not touch or drink that perfectly clean water. So why do we use it for flushing toilets!

Grey water systems are basically recycled water systems from the ground, rain or sitting water. It is a system which stops mass water wasting.

Q: What can I do with the water?

Everything except drink or consume it. Main things are filling toilets, washing cars, watering the garden and general irrigation usage. It can be used for washing machines and dishwashers however if for use in a dishwasher you may need to filter and purify the water before it can be used for this purpose.

Q: Will it help me?

The short answer is yes - massively so.
If you think of your water bill per year. Now take 30% off that bill and you have a pretty good reason to think about a grey water system. If not now the future.

Q: Where does the water come from?

There is not a specific place because there is numerous systems available. If you have a well or a borehole the water can be used direct from it for grey water usage without any filters. You also have the option of using rain water. we all have roofs, we all know how much rain we get so lets all start using it. It may stop or start bringing down our high ground water levels.

If your lucky enough to have a stream or river on your property this water can be used for this purpose (a licence/permit may be required) also.