F.A.Q Flooding


Frequently Asked Questions

Water Flooding

Q:Can I Claim On My Insurance If My Well Or Borehole Has Flooded?


We can work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure your flood claim goes as smoothly as possible.

Q: Do Wells and boreholes cause flooding?

If is rare but it does happen. If ground water levels are very high then the water will take the path of least resistance. If you are on low level ground then the water will flow over and out the top of a well or borehole.

They will not generally flood or overflow because the ground water level is below the current ground level and water flows into and out of the borehole or well.

Q: Can it be fixed or stopped?

You can try filling the borehole or well in BUT once it is filled it will not be able to be used again without us cleaning it out which could be costly. The well or borehole will still leak and flood if you fill it in unless you fill it with concrete.

We have numerous way to stop or slow the leak so please get in touch with us.