Water Dowsing

Dowsing For Water

For many people when we talk about dowsing the concept of dowsing is shrouded in mystery.dowser

Some have visions of dowsers being strangely dressed eccentrics who run about the countryside waving sticks and holding lengthy conversations with wild flowers (I said some). The reality could not be further from the truth.

Mining companies spend millions on research to help them find the most likely place to dig for precious metals, diamonds, oil, water and will be the first to admit that they achieve much better results with a combination of sound geological research and dowsing than with geological research alone.

Dowsing for water is a skill and science which has been applied for thousands of years. Humans cannot survive for more than a few days without water and as with all other life both animal and plants but they have built-in systems to help them find that essential water when things start to get a bit dry, it stands to reason that human beings possess this ability too, and we do.

Alas for most of us, we have lost this ability. We have lost the knack to sniff out water when we need it. We simply go to the kitchen, grab a glass and turn on the tap. Not much skill required there. Dowsers on the other hand are people who through exhaustive training and practice have re-discovered their natural built-in extra sensory ability to track water and as mentioned above are so good at it that they enjoy the support of the world's oil and mining companies and are regarded as an essential component of the survey process.

How does a dowser help me get a borehole?

Once you have decided to drill for your own water supply borehole and after the desktop British geological survey has been done to determine the likelihood of finding water on your property, dowsing will be your next step. The dowser will select the best place on your property to place the drill head. The bgs report (British geological survey) said there was water beneath you but you could still spend thousands having a borehole drilled to find you missed it by 1M, a very expensive mistake!

South Coast Water has dowsers at hand to help you with this process and have been providing a perfect service for many years with perfect results.

How can dowsing help me find a hand dug well?

Please visit our well location page to get more information but if you want to see if you have a well on your property or you believe there is one somewhere. If we are not able to conduct and successfully find it through research a dowser is the next point of call to determine it exact location. From that we can help and advise how best to restore your well.