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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Dowsing

Q: What is dowsing and how does it work?

Dowsing is an age old system of locating anything the mind's eye can focus on using a system which all humans and animals have and is known as extra sensory perception.

Q: Am I really expected to believe that someone with sticks is going to find my water?

"Some things are true, whether or not we choose to believe." Gautama Buddha.

Whilst dowsing may on the surface seem like a man-made sport for those who do not fit into normal society we should consider this: All of nature including simple plants, have systems for locating water, sometimes against seemingly incredible odds. As human beings are also part of nature, it stands to reason that we have this ability too - and we do. It's called ESP - Extra sensory perception and everyone has this ability but like every skill, it needs to be understood, tamed, practiced and kept alive.

Q: How accurate are dowser's results?

This depends on the dowser in question. Some, who have been using and practicing this art are very good. They can locate water, determine the depth, determine the layers and strata of material which may be encountered during drilling and the expected rate of flow which may be expected at the end.
Understandably this type of dowser is the best, the most expensive and they are rare.
A dowser will tell you of his or her level of skills but in general they will all be able to tell you where the driller's head should be positioned on the ground which no other report can help with. Many reports will say how much or where the water is but if you miss it by 1m it can be an expnsive process.

We have a specific dowser and although not the cheapest, he is also never wrong and we have drilled many boreholes and found many wells.

Q: Do oil exploration and mining companies use dowsers?

Absolutely, they do. Oil and mining companies spend huge sums on locating and quantifying the levels of whatever it is they're looking for. These huge corporations use a combination of both geological surveys AND dowsers to this end. They will readily admit, that they get much better and more accurate results when they use the services of dowsers, instead of just using geological surveys alone.

Q: I am still doubtful - what can i do?

Try to adopt an open minded approach and contact the British Dowser's Association for more info.