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Brumby Pump

Q: What is a Brumby Pump?

A Brumby Pump is an air operated, compressor driven borehole, well or sump pump made in Western Australia and imported into the UK by South Coast Water. We are also suppliers to the European Union.

Q: What makes a Brumby Pump different from other pumps?

The Brumby Pump from Australia is one the most unusual pumps in the world. It is unique in that it weighs in at just 5 kilos, has almost no internal moving parts, is built from thermoplastics which makes it unaffected by leachates and acidic water and comes with an astounding 5 year replacement warranty.

If you suffer from bad iron breaking stainless steel pumps which you have to change every year or 2 years then this could be your solution. It pumps sand, silt and large particles without ever clogging and stopping. It will not rust or corrode so is not effected by high iron, mangenese or other corrosives found in water.

Q: How does a Brumby Pump differ in operation from normal pumps?

The Brumby Pump is operated by air from a compressor and this is what makes it so unique. Air travels down a delivery pipe from any 2 - 15 cfm (cubic feet per minute) compressor to the pump. As this air under pressure enters the pump, water in the pump's chamber then gets lifted to the surface. As this water is being lifted, more water is starting to enter the pump chamber. Rather than a continuous stream of water exiting from the delivery pipe, the Brumby Pump is characterised by the way it 'spurts' its delivery - up to about ten tonnes per hour in optimum conditions.

Q: What sort of compressor do I need?

Pretty much any compressor will do the job. Any low powered compressor in the range of 2 - 15 cfm , and 20 - 160psi pressure, depending on head/lift will be sufficient. Sometimes more power is needed if the pump is at great depths.

For more information on compressor requirements please contact us, it is beyond the scope of this web page to detail all the variables. The Brumby Pump has been tested to depths of 160 meters submersion, though we have had reports of one pumping from 180 meters submersion. We will require more information from you to input into our custom calculator which will tell us what model Brumby, what cfm required and other variables.

Q: What is a controller and do I need one?

The Brumby Pump, unlike other pumps, has a chamber inside which must fill with water before that water is pumped to the surface. This chamber fills at different rates depending on the pump's submersion. For example, if the pump is in deep water it will fill quickly because the ambient pressure is great. But if the pump is in shallow water the chamber will fill more slowly because the ambient pressure is less so needs more time before more air is pumped into the chamber.

The controller is a device which starts and stops or diverts air from the compressor to the pump at variable rates depending on the depth of submersion and the total vertical lift. The controller waits until the chamber is full before it allows air to drive that water to the surface. Once that water has begun its journey and the Brumby pump chamber has started to refill, the controller then pauses until the chamber is refilled once again, and the process starts over.

If you give us the technical specs for your bore or well ie, the total lift and total submersion of the pump, we will do the calculation for you and tell you whether or not you will need a controller and which pump of the range you should have with that.


South Coast Water is proud to be the European distributors for the Brumby Pump and more details can be found on our sister site